Guilt By Association


As anyone who has even a passing interest in the history of popular music knows, 1966 was a watershed year. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of that heyday, brand new label Team Mensch invited a wide array of current artists to do fresh renditions of songs from 1966 for Guilt By Association Volume 4.

The directive to artists on the first three collections was to choose well-known pop, soul and metal cuts. With Guilt By Association Vol. 4, the participants were simply asked to pick a song they loved from 1966.

Formed in New York City in April of 2016 by music enthusiasts Peter Block and Darren Paltrowitz, Team Mensch’s mission statement for the label is to spotlight “good people doing good things.” Guilt By Association Vol. 4 continues an inspired and fun series of compilations.

Artists on Volume 4 include John Davis from The Lees Of Memory (and previously the frontman of Superdrag), Steve Schiltz (formerly of Longwave) with his band Hurricane Bells, prolific singer-songwriter Mike Doughty, and lead singer of Fountains Of Wayne, Chris Collingwood. Two artists who contributed to previous GBA comps, Mike Viola and Porter Block (which features label co-head, Peter Block), also offered their services.

“Perhaps there’ll be a Guilt By Association 5 and we’ll do the 50th Anniversary of 1967 next. Or, it could be songs from the Rocky soundtracks, another guilty pleasure of mine!,” says Darren. “But I think Peter would be happier with 1967.”